Black Pages Seattle

Thank you for supporting Black Pages (BP). We are a directory of minority businesses, conveniently formatted into a pocket-sized phone book! BP was a community project started in 2019, which grew into a publication in May 2020 after support and encouragement from our community. We are devoted to using our voice and visibility to promote the success of minority owned business in the Seattle region; and soon neighboring cities.

      There are three main ways to support this publication:


  • Help Us Grow. Purchase copies of Black Pages via our website, email us new businesses to add to our directory, and patron businesses listed in Black Pages.


  • Buy Black, Everyday. Support minority owned businesses, local businesses, and non-profits in your communities.


  • Join Us. Follow us on social media and share our posts. We love, love, content from our supporters! Send us photos of you with your copy of Black Pages, videos of you supporting businesses in your communities, or whatever else you might feel like - either tag us @blackpagesseattle, or email us media at


We hope to grow this publication into a resource that will be a positive impact on our Seattle neighborhoods, thank you all for your part in helping us work towards this goal!